Post PÖP

02 Jan 2020


Happy New Year! And what an exciting year 2020 is going to be for bound. We have finally launched our online shop after travelling the globe to find beautiful, thoughtful and useful pieces for your home and we are delighted with our collection so far. 

It is also safe to say that 2019 went out with a bang or PÖP!! rather... our first pop up shop which coincided with the launch of our online shop was a huge success. The 3 day set up was intense and it was ‘all hands on deck’, with a few moments of “what were we thinking?!” for good measure, but when we opened the doors on Friday 13th December (we know! lucky for some?) we couldn’t have been happier with how beautiful the shop looked and one comment that kept reverberating was that the shop did not look like a pop up but one that had long since been established. 

We were also fortunate enough to have General Merchants collaborate with us, providing delicious coffee and buns and their bespoke counter was stunning! (See pictures below) They were essential in helping us create a relaxed environment where new customers could come in, have a browse or coffee with no pressure to buy just enjoy the space.


Our location was perfect! Ruth, our good friend and owner of the most beautiful womenswear shop Envoy, very kindly allowed us to use her studio space in Wellington Street. An off the beaten track side street steeped in retail history, having provided Belfast with some of the coolest shops over the years (The Bureau Belfast and American Madness). 

On a personal level, for us it was just incredibly rewarding to finally see all the brands sitting together in a curated space. This is something that we feel strongly about. We understand the importance of being able to see, feel and smell products rather than make assumptions purely on a two dimensional basis. Our goal is to continue with our pop up shops throughout the year, introducing new designers/ artists and products each time and maintaining a connection with our customers locally.

So watch this space... hopefully we will have much more to offer in 2020 and we cannot wait to share it with you. To everyone who came down and supported us in our first pop up thank you so much, we are incredibly grateful.

Natalie and Tara xx



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