Tray Shelf Low



Gaps in the shelving system are created by moving the small tray, which allow taller objects to be placed in the open space. The various possible arrangements of the shelves make the shelving system vivid and personal. Take the trays and place them on the different levels in the frame until you have the arrangement you like. Tray Shelf is Japanese in its elegant expression. German in its solid and thorough construction.

L100cm D40cm H81cm

Delivery approximately 4 weeks.


Hanne Willmann


German designer, Hanne Willmann's designs reveal a profound fascination for details and emphasise high value on aesthetic appeal.  According to Hanne Willmann ‘the most sustainable products are those you have a long life cycle, which is achieved through the use of materials, the quality of the product and the emotions that the product can evoke. Only if a product affects us in an emotional way, we want to keep it for our whole life, maybe even pass it on as a heritage. This is true sustainability’. Timelessness, simple expressions and elegant materials are keywords for Hanne Willmann.