Totem Shelving System (High) 1200



TOTEM is a modular shelving system, it has been designed to offer a multitude of possibilities to suit even the most awkward of spaces.
TOTEM can work in:
(Just about anywhere).
Simply send us dimensions of your space and we’ll design it for you!

Fuzl fashion objects that have sustainability sewn throughout Confident that the furniture can last a long time due to its materials, processes and design.

As with all Fuzl products, it arrives to you in their plastic-free packaging in flat-pack mode, you don't need tools to put it together. All parts are easily replaceable and though confident that Fuzl products can survive being thrown down a set of stairs, broken parts can be replaced if the need ever arises.

All of their furniture is 100% made in the UK, from sustainable material sources, by fairly paid crafts-people.

L1336 D468 H2000 

Sustainably Sourced FSC™ Birch Plywood, hand finished with natural VOC free and food safe oils and pigments.

Hoops & Brackets - Powder Coated Steel





Once, ‘We’ was just ‘O’ (very lonely), then it became two - ‘O&M’ - and most recently ‘T’ came along.

And so... O+M+T = FUZL Studio. 

Between them they design and build furniture & other house-hold things that make them happy.

They try their very best to make GOOD FURNITURE* & ensure it is always 100% MADE IN UK.

All of their surfaces are hand finished in VOC-free & food safe oils and natural pigments.

Special care is taken to use finishes that lift and accentuate the natural beauty of the woods that they use & love.