Small Tapers


One Hundred and One

The need for a serene daytime space at home inspired the design of these small, hand-dipped pure beeswax tapers. With up to 3 hours clean burn time, they’re perfect for establishing a calm tone in a home office or subtle warmth in your kitchen space on a rainy weekend.
Approx height 12-15cm
Simply trim the wick to 10mm and light in a draft-free environment.
Approximately 3 hours burn time per candle.
Due to the hand-dipped nature of the product, there will be variation in colour and finish.
Extinguish the candle before it burns into any holder.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.


One Hundred and One


Jodie Young’s father, a beekeeper for over twenty years, taught her how to dip beeswax candles by hand in his shed at No.101, her childhood home. Learning how to dip candles forced me to take a breath; to take time and give complete focus to one small task. This slow craft has become meditative, an act of self-care. Using beeswax that has been sourced from beekeeping and wax suppliers in the UK, each candle is dipped between 5-25 times to achieve burn times of between one and eight hours, perfect for slow, intimate conversation or big, joyful celebration.