Sentrum Side Table



The designers behind the Sentrum side table, Maximilian Schmahl and Fabian Schnippering, have studied product design together at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany. Their shared theoretical background shows in the side table, which follows the principle of simplicity as it has been stripped from all unnecessary elements. What is left is a strong base and geometrical expression with the functionalities at the center of attention. The S-shaped thin metal construction creates two spaces for storage on both sides to enhance to usability of the side table. The objective for Schmahl + Schnippering  is to create objects that are designed to integrate and interact with people as a part of their daily life. Let the Sentrum side table get a central spot in your home.

H 360cm  D 400cm  L 400cm


Schmahl & Schnippering


Maximilian Schmahl and Fabian Schnippering studied together product design at the Bauhaus University Weimar and joined again in 2013 to establish Schmahl + Schnippering. They believe in the decisive detail and soft sounds and their products are designed to integrate and interact in life situations.