NY11 Dining Chair



Designed by Knut Bendik Humlevik / Rune Krøjgaard for Norr11 and inspired by traditional Danish elementary school chairs, the NY11 Dining Chair has a frame hand-crafted from solid oak and a seat of laminated oak veneer. The Chair came to life when designers Rune Krøjgaard and Knut Bendik Humlevik went on a mission to create a modern take on the Scandinavian dining chair. Just like a school chair it had to be both comfortable and very durable. The result is a simple and honest chair with a timeless expression.

Available in vintage leather, wool or wood (without upholstery).

Dimensions:  Width: 45,5 cm, Depth: 52 cm, Height: 78 cm, Seat Height: 45,5 cm

Delivery 6-8 weeks




Founded in 2011 by Tommy Hydahl, NORR11 is a Danish furniture brand. NORR11 strives to reinvent and rethink Scandinavian design to create timeless pieces of furniture, combining the past and the present. We collaborate with innovative young designers and work with the best manufacturers and suppliers to produce products of superb craftsmanship and quality.