Heritage Box AJ X FAC


Andrée Jardin

Andrée Jardin, and the Fer à Cheval soap factory have collaborated to curate this beautiful set. The two companies share many values including tradition, artisanal work and superior quality. They have combined their knowledge to offer the Heritage Box, sleek and elegant, which includes a soap dish, a nail brush and a cube of authentic Marseille soap. The soap dish and the nail brush are made of thermo-heated ash, a wood naturally treated with steam at high temperatures. This production gives the wood its natural brown toffee colour, resistance to moisture and incomparable time. They marry perfectly with Marseille soap with olive oil which is made in pots according to craftsmanship. It is perfume, colouring and preservative free and has been appreciated for generations for its hypoallergenic qualities.



Andrée Jardin


A century ago, Andrée Jardin’s future husband, Georges Renée Julio, started out as an apprentice brush maker in Nantes. For 60 years, Jardin has been making beautiful wood brushes in Brittany, France. Andrée Jardin and her husband,  opened up their factory in 1947, and they’ve since maintained their sense of traditional beauty while incorporating modern design touches. With the arrival of plastic and the beginning of globalisation, what used to be called "Parisian goods" started to lose their value to such a point that today it is still difficult to find an authentic broom, hand brush, or, even more, a real dust brush. Determined to refute this sad state of affairs, Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie, Andrée’s grandchildren, reissued the mythical brushes with French beechwood frames. Their brooms, brushes, and dusters are some of the only high-quality options made in a traditional way. Real brushes that last!