Elevate Shelving System 8 EX-DISPLAY



Elevate is a versatile and modular shelving system.
With different shelves and dowels, Elevate can be assembled in an unlimited number of permutations without the use of tools. Just stack the shelves, tighten the dowels and then elevate it. The different elements are boxed individually in order for you to customise the exact shelving you want. Matching your needs and taste. With its simplicity and versability, Elevate is suitable for both personal and professional spaces. Use it for boxes, office supplies, works of art or plants. You get to decide.

This is a predefined Elevate system consisting of:
1 x Shelf A
2 x Shelf C
2 x Shelf D
10 x Top A
14 x Connector B
8 x Bottom D
2 x Bottom E


L 2332 x W/D 400 x H 787mm

Pleas enquire for additional sizes.

£1,779.00 £1,067.00

Camilla Akersveen & Christopher Konings


Camilla Akersveen and Christopher Konings met at the School of Arts in Oslo and with a shared interest for a practical approach to design, a collaboration started to flourish between the two with exhibitions at fairs in Oslo, London and Milano.