Bauhaus Dining Table


Kristina Dam Studio

A round and circular table with a clean and straightforward design. The table top and the legs are made of perforated steel - a trademark design feature of the entire Bauhaus furniture range. As you know there is more space around a circular table and since no table legs are in the way in this unique design, you can easily fit many guests around this Danish designer table. The Bauhaus Dining Table shares the same characteristic design as the rest of the rest of the Bauhaus furniture series. The perforated steel softens the engineered expression and gives the table a transparent and light appearance. The Bauhaus table is equally suitable for intimate meetings or large  café-like environments. A very versatile table made of slick weather resistant powder coated stainless steel. The Bauhaus Dining Table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The unique and simple design ensures that the table will last for a long time in your home interior. Use The Bauhaus Dining Table as both a kitchen dining table and enjoy its sculpture and neat look, when it is not used to dine at. An ideal table for outdoor restaurants and urban spaces due to its coated stainless steel frame. The design is simple and elegant based on pure geometrical components making the Bauhaus furniture series a perfect choice for all modern domains. Designed in Denmark and available in this black or a beige colouring.

The Bauhaus Dining Table is made from stainless steel and treated with a powder coating making it rust-resistant and perfect for outdoor use. However, over time, corrosion can happen. Any scratches in the coating will leave the stainless steel exposed and oxidation might happen.

Powder-Coated Stainless Steel 
Ø 120 x 73 H cm