Arizona 2- Serena Confalonieri



Arizona rugs from Serena are inspired by the colours and the shapes of this dessert country. Every rug is composed by simple geometries that can find their balance in a single rug or create a landscape when the rugs are side by side. Each rug also features an embroided detail that can be seen as a pure graphic line or as figurative element of this ever-changing mountain view.
The possibility of juxtaposing more elements to extend this design makes Arizona an “open” project."

All Rugs by GUR are handmade.

Held in a traditional handloom with raw rag.
Embossed technique or over layers of colours.
Finish with basic sewing.
Due to this product depend on raw recycled materials sometimes the color palete may slightly vary.


Célia Esteves


Célia is the founder of GUR and is from Viana do Castelo, a small town in the north of Portugal that is very rich in traditional handcraft.

After some years working at an artist's print studio in Porto, Célia was invited to an exhibition in her hometown, where the intention was to make a bridge between artisans of traditional handcrafts and young designers. It was here that she worked on a design for the handloom with the weaver Cláudia Vilas Boas and they made the first GUR. 

The essence of GUR is making these typical Portuguese rugs more fun. We use the same techniques with carefully selected materials. The rugs are very authentic to what they have always been but now they involve a design factor working with artists and illustrators, translating their ideas into rugs.