August Low Table



Vincent Van Duysen’s vision is unambiguous: a design object should never clamour for attention, it should be at one with its surroundings. And that is precisely what his August collection for Serax does.
The minimalist aluminium table with black, grey or green powder coating was given a strong, pure design: a frame with slim, tubular legs, and a straight rectangular tabletop. With the matching chairs you can enjoy a cosy lunch or dinner, both indoors and outdoors.
Stackable up to 4 high.

August Low table: 120cm x 80cm x 35cm
We recommend to use a mild soapy detergent and a soft microfibre cloth. Avoid the use of acidic detergents.
Delivery 3 weeks


Vincent Van Duysen


Vincent Van Duysen (1962) is one of Belgium’s most acclaimed architects, interior designers, and product designers. His style builds on purism and a sophisticated use of materials. Timeless designs, reduced to their very essence. His Vincent Van Duysen collection does not clamour for attention, it stands out naturally for its simplicity and tranquillity.
With a vision that results from an unbridled curiosity, Vincent Van Duysen always creates an all-inclusive atmosphere in which he seamlessly interweaves architecture, interior design, and design objects.
Vincent Van Duysen: “Furniture should never clamour for attention. It should become one with its surroundings, unnoticed. It is the users who add colour.”