Minimal Folk ‘PILLAR TRIO’


Minimal Folk

PILLAR TRIO - plaster on wood

Each piece 20 x 30cm

All artworks are handmade.

You are ordering this style but not the exact one seen in the pictures therefore, there will be slight variations in each piece.

Pillar Trio come with 2 fixtures on each panel so you have the option to hang each piece either way vertically. As the pieces are heavier than a normal print we recommended hanging your artwork using a 25mm screw with a wall plug (not included).

Shipping Times - As products are handmade and mostly made to order please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  


Minimal Folk


Based in Belfast, Northern Irish artist, Rebecca Ava Calvert blends together her love of ancient architecture with minimalistic design. Using raw materials like cement and mortar, Rebecca has created works of art that express depth in texture, minimal form and carry the resemblance of stone.