Linie Design

The Halti collection is both minimalist and functional. It is extremely durable and soft as it i hand crafted  from pure wool.


Quality: Hand-Woven

Material: 100% Wool

We recommend to use an underlay to prevent slipping as well as discolouration.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery. 



Linie Design


Linie Design is a Danish design company founded in 1980. Tradition is a keyword, both when it comes to Nordic design and unique craftsmanship. All their rugs are designed by acknowledged Scandinavian designers and handmade by Indian master artisan, who have perfected their skills through generations. Committed to providing sustainable design, every piece produced by Linie Design is made using environmentally friendly fibres, which often inspires the initial design stages. As a mark of this, all of their rugs live up to the EU directive REACH.

A modern, Nordic look is weaved into all Linie designs, though they constantly reshape, redefine, reinvent and recombine in the search of surprising expressions and surfaces. 

Linie Design is also part of the worldwide CARE & FAIR scheme to support its weavers. 

CARE & FAIR is a worldwide industry initiative of the European carpet trade. As a member of the organisation, they help fight illegal child labour and improve the living conditions of carpet knotters and their families in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

At present, CARE & FAIR supports 10 schools, 6 adult education centres and 3 day care centres in India. Since the middle of 2008, Linie Design have fully sponsored one of the schools – thereby named Linie Design School. They pay all running expenses to ensure that more than 360 Indian pupils can go to school every day. This way, they give the next generation a safer future.

Furthermore, the Women Empowerment Program is also actively supported by CARE & FAIR. Since 2002, mothers and older sisters of schoolchildren in some of the CARE & FAIR schools (including Linie Design School) have been given the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in reading, maths and writing. In addition they are taught sewing and stitching skills that enable them to make products for selling in the market or using them for their own families.