Icelandic Sheepskin


Bound Concept

These stunning rugs come from rare Icelandic breeds of sheep. Characteristically, these skins have a longer fleece with hair of at least 4-5 inches. This long fleece is incredibly soft and silky which makes them perfect placed by the bed or on a sofa. 

These unique quality, sheepskin rugs are made from single fleeces, are cut by hand and don’t have any visible stitching on the back. Sizing and colour may vary and each rug may have a slight sheepskin smell. This is perfectly normal and disappears with time.

Approximately 100-110cm L  60-70 cm W

Available in Brown or Black 


100% Natural

If out of stock please allow 2 weeks for delivery.




Two individuals bound by the same passion for good design and its origins. Tara Thallon and Natalie Davis design, source and sell considered objects for the home.

Their aesthetic is simple & understated and their focus is on purpose & quality. They thrive on discovering new designers, artists and brands that, when presented as a collection, sit beautifully together.

Based in Northern Ireland, Tara and Natalie collaborate not only with local artisans and makers that have been producing quality materials unique to Northern Ireland, but also work closely with designers from further afield.